CMM Inspection

Our quality department is staffed with a team of skilled inspectors and engineers who employ state-of-the-art tools and equipment. These include the latest Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and a comprehensive array of inspection tools such as micrometers, verniers, and gauges. All inspections are conducted within temperature-controlled inspection rooms, ensuring the most precise measurements.

AS9100D & ISO 9001 Certification
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Casting Quality Assurance

Ensuring casting excellence requires scrutiny. We employ multiple methods to gauge the quality of our castings. Upon metal treatment readiness, samples are extracted and subjected to comprehensive chemical composition analysis using our advanced Spectrometer. Furthermore, once parts are poured, test bars, constructed from the same material and production process, can be sent to independent test houses for detailed tensile test reports. Alternatively, we conduct simple yet effective Brinell hardness tests within our temperature-controlled foundry inspection room.


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Continuous Improvement and Auditing

Our commitment to quality extends to certifications. We offer parts with commercial, ISO 9001, and AS9100 certifications, demonstrating our adherence to stringent quality standards. Additionally, we possess the capability to generate first article inspection reports upon request, further ensuring the excellence of our offerings.

Regular audits, both within our business and throughout our supply chain, are essential elements of our quality assurance strategy. While this is a mandatory requirement for our certification, we view these activities as invaluable opportunities to drive continuous improvement initiatives that bolster the service we provide.

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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing is a pivotal component of our casting process. We operate on-site Dye Penetrant Inspection and real-time X-ray capabilities, enabling us to maintain rigorous quality control in-house. For specialised non-destructive testing requirements, we have established partnerships with a network of trusted commercial and aerospace (NADCAP) sources, ensuring the highest standards of quality are consistently met.