High Volume Precision

The investment casting process excels at delivering high volumes of special purpose parts crafted from specialised alloys, particularly suited for aerospace and medical applications.

This technique involves creating a wax replica of the component, which is then immersed in a ceramic slurry to create a ceramic mould. Subsequently, the wax is eliminated, leaving behind the ceramic shell into which molten metal is expertly poured.

Investment Casting

Superior Finish

Investment casting leaves a smooth surface, requiring minimal finishing. This process also enables the creation of intricate and delicate shapes that might pose machining or manufacturing challenges through alternative methods.

Investment Casting 2

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Bespoke Pattern Design

Collaborating closely with our customers and expert partners, we utilise 3D CAD models or converted 2D drawings to ensure that wax tools are impeccably designed for manufacturing. For added precision, we offer Finite Element Analysis, enabling the modelling of material flow into the casting and the identification of potential concerns prior to pattern production.

Investment Casting 3