State of the Art Machinery

Our commitment to delivering machined castings of the highest quality is backed by our extensive in-house machining capabilities. We maintain a cutting-edge workshop equipped with:

13 Milling Machines: Including 5-axis machining capability, enabling us to tackle intricate geometries and complex components with precision.

5 CNC Lathes: Utilised for turning and shaping operations to meet diverse machining requirements.

CNC Machining 2

Highly Skilled Machinists

3 Manual Mills: Perfect for low-volume and low-complexity projects, providing flexibility for varied demands.

Strategic Partnerships: We collaborate with FOX-VPS, a trusted partner machine shop based in Camberley, to offer additional support when needed, ensuring seamless project execution.

CNC Machining

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Continuous Investment

As part of our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of CNC machining technology, in 2023, we acquired a state-of-the-art DNM 6700 Mill. This investment replaced an aging machine and significantly expanded our machining capabilities, boasting an impressive 1500mm bedsize. This enhancement enables us to tackle even more ambitious projects with precision and efficiency.

CNC Machining 3

Comprehensive Finishing Solutions

At Precision Aluminium Casting & Engineering, our services extend beyond machining. We offer an in-house paintline, specifically designed to process parts for our commercial customers, ensuring impeccable finishing touches. For specialised treatments and aerospace-grade finishing requirements (NADCAP), we have a network of trusted partners who excel in delivering the highest quality results.

Finishing Solutions